Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hey what's up? Last night I checked out The Sidewalk Cafe on 6th St. and Ave A.- home of
The Fort and the NYC AntiFolk scene. The club is always no cover and the open mic on MONs-
The Anti-Hoot runs til the wee hours. I am one of the pioneer artists of the Anti-Folk movement myself and once in awhile I like to go there to see what's happening. There's a whole new generation of acts and it's become very multi-culti. It's not just Anti-Folk anymore.

We had dinner in the restaurant in the front room. The mushroom ravoli was delish! I ran into the man who started it all over there- one of my fellow AntiFolk pioneers- Lach. I play lot folk, folk-rock and Anti-Folk myself but Lach is 100% AntiFolk. He helped put the musical style on the map. He no longer books and works in there but he made that club happen and usta book Beck for free beer at Chameleon back in the day. He had just played a gig in The Delancey- another cool room on the LES. The music is the back ran the gamut from AntiFolk to various more mellow but fairly high caliber songwriters. Lotta good talent out there. I plan to start hanging there more and scouting songwriters to book at Gizzi's Coffee. -Mike

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